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The Lucky Stars

The DAVE & DEKE Combo

 Influenced by the many Western Swing bands of the 1930s and ‘40s (Bob Wills, Tex Williams, Hank Penny), The Lucky Stars have created their own sound and their own songs, which pay tribute to the exuberant music of that era. 
 The band’s line-up includes Sage Guyton on vocals and rhythm guitar,
Rusty Blake on steel guitar, Bob Parins on lead guitar, Dan Weinstein on
fiddle and cornet, Wally Hersom on bass fiddle, and Dave Stuckey on drums and vocals. The Lucky Stars have played nearly every kind
of event, including music festivals in the U.S. and Europe, Cowboy poetry
festivals, county fairs, museum functions, swing dance seminars, weddings, divorces, parties, and every live music venue and honky-tonk worth its name in the Los Angeles area. 

Serving your Hillbilly Harmony / Rockabilly needs since 1991, The Dave & Deke Combo aim to take you on the musical equivalent of a hot rod race - and dump you off in a corn field.  

With original tunes and covers, The Combo follows a vocal harmony tradition that goes back to groups like The Delmore Brothers and the Farmer Boys, mixing in a lotta hot rocking and a lotta hot picking - with a stage show that owes as much to Homer & Jethro as anything else. Sorta like The Everly Brothers on a bender.

Currently planning for their 4th consecutive year hosting Hillbillyfest at Viva Las Vegas, along the way, they've backed the likes of Ronnie Dawson, The Collins Kids, Janis Martin, Rudy Grayzell and, most recently, the great, Ragin' Cajun, Doug Kershaw. 

The band is Dave Stuckey, Deke Dickerson, Lloyd Martin, Shorty Poole and Bobby Trimble. 



Before fiddler Spade Cooley & California promoter Foreman Phillips gave it a name in 1944, Western Swing was simply known as "Hot String Band" music.
Dave Stuckey and the 4 Hoot Owls mine this particular vein of the earliest form of this infectious, swinging genre

​ - whose earliest stars were Milton Brown, Bob Wills, The Light Crust Doughboys and The Tune Wranglers, among others.
This red-hot aggregation features Dave Stuckey on rhythm guitar and vocals, Dave Berzansky on lap steel guitar, Bobby Furgo on fiddle, Wally Hersom on bass fiddle and the inimitable Carl Sonny Leyland on piano and vocals.

Come with us to a land where the palm trees sigh and the rhythm is the drifting tide...The Hukilau Hotshots are your first-class ticket to the 'Hapa Haole" Hawaiian music of the 1920's and 30's. Sweet harmonies and hot steel guitar are the order of the day. 


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